Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Christmas Guest

It's Christmas, and fate is forcing Scott Morgan to rethink his successful executive life. First, an encounter with a curly-headed foster child seems to have thrown his efficient, logical psyche out of balance. Then a phone call in the middle of the night drags him back to his grandparents' farm, a place of old memories he has avoided for twelve years.

While at the farm, he suddenly recalls a childhood sled ride that whisked him into the past. He had been sure it was all a dream, but

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Walt Disney's Donald Duck: "Christmas On Bear Mountain" (The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library)

This collection of Carl Barks’ world-famous Disney comics includes Uncle Scrooge’s first appearance, a Christmas tale and many other adventure yarns.Scrooge McDuck is now such a fixture in the Disney universe that few remember Carl Barks had been writing and drawing Donald Duck stories for half a decade before he cooked up the miserly multiplujillionaire — for what he thought would be a one-time Christmas yarn involving Donald, the nephews, Scrooge in a bearskin, and (inevitably) a couple

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The Burning Bridge (The Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2)

The international bestselling series with over 5 million copies sold in the U.S. alone!

For years, the Kingdom of Araluen has prospered, with the evil lord Morgarath safely behind the impassable mountains. For years, its people have felt secure. but the scheming hand of the dark lord has not been idle. . . . on a special mission for the rangers, will and his friend Horace, an apprentice knight, travel to a neighboring village and discover the unsettling truth: All the villagers have either

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Children's books - The Gift (Childrens books for kindle - Children's Picture Book - Bedtime stories for children)

Children's books - The Gift
Childrens books for kindle - Children's Picture Book Bedtime stories for children

The sleepy sun was peeking out from her favourite cozy shelter just behind the little hill, where the Noisy Farm was living its jolly life. Today everyone was rising with the sun, because this was quite a special day. Bees were working hard, flying from flower to flower; the carol of larks echoed far in the forests.
‘Mother- Mother-Mother’s Day’ – sounded the chirping

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God Is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas

"There are only two places where the powerful and great in this world lose their courage, tremble in the depths of their souls, and become truly afraid. These are the manger and the cross of Jesus Christ."

"No priest, no theologian stood at the cradle of Bethlehem. And yet, all Christian theology finds its beginnings in the miracle of miracles, that God became human."

These stirring words are among forty devotions that guide and inspire readers as they move thematically

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Bartholomew's Passage: A Family Story for Advent

The highly anticipated follow-up to Jotham's Journey!

Bartholomew's Passage is an engaging story that guides families through the Advent season. Young Bartholomew's adventures start when Roman soldiers destroy his village and disperse his family, continue through his enslavement to a tyrannical master and his escape with his new friend Nathan, and end with a reunion with his family in Bethlehem. Along the way Bartholomew makes a new friend, a young boy named

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Plain Trouble (A Brides of Texas Novella)

“A Ranger in possession of a good salary and a desk job is surely going to start thinking about a wife, don’t you think? And what better place than Bitter Springs, Texas to find one?”

If only the handsome Texas Ranger in Bess Jones' kitchen wasn't the same ill-bred youth who taunted her with the playground verse, "Bessie Mae, plain as day" all through her growing up years. The way this man on a mission looks at her now almost gives Bess hope that he might have changed

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Monday, April 21, 2014

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